Beans Salad by Frenchy G.V.

Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, DO


Beans Around the World
Stewed red beans (also white and black beans) are a hallmark of Dominican nutrition, most Dominicans eat them almost every day, and I have hated them with a passion since I was a little girl (my mom forced me to eat them because they're rich on Iron), beans have always been my least favorite food. A couple of years ago my sister was having some friends over and she prepared this Beans Salad recipe, which I almost refused to taste (on account that I hate beans), but when I finally gave in and tasted it, I loved it, I was like, If there is a good-tasting way of preparing beans why do they make that horrible stewed beans, and why was I forced to eat them when I was a kid? My mom could have given me this salad and I would have loved to eat beans. The point of this story is to say that this recipe is really tasty and I love it, even though I hate beans.