Flourless Spinach Pie by Rikki Asher

Rego Park, New York, US


In the1960s there was an animated TV series that my brother and I watched. The leading role was Popeye the sailorman, who ate spinach from a can. My brother was very impressed with Popeye. He begged our mother to buy him spinach. When she brought home a can, he was excited. However, he found the smell so offensive he never ate spinach again. Some years later, I became vegetarian and often ate raw spinach in salads. Besides steaming or stir-frying, I wasn’t sure how to cook it. I love potatoes and when I tasted my first vegetable pie with a potato crust, I knew that spinach and potatoes would be a great combination. This is a dish that Popeye would enjoy. My brother, on the other hand, would like the potatoes.