Pani Puri Dinner by Priyam Jancosko

Wall, NJ, US


Fave Memory
My favorite memories of my childhood are of riding around on scooter and mopeds with my family in India. I was the youngest so I always got to ride standing up between my dad and the steering handle. My most favorite nights were those when my dad would come home from work and my parents would take us to eat street food. There is nothing like eating from a Lari(stall), specially when it comes to Pani Puri. Each puri is stuffed by a man behind the counter, not wearing gloves, and handing it over one by one. Puris are crunchy shells, that are stuffed with spicy black chana and potatoes. The stuffed puri is then dunked into pani, minty water. As you try to fit the whole puri in your mouth, some of the pani inevitably leaks out form your mouth. Eating a pani puri feels like a flavor explosion. It is truly a magical experience and worth taking the risk of eating from a street vendor.