Do you want to warm up? Drink this Grog! by Angèle's Art

Lage Zwaluwe, Noord-Brabant, NL


When it's cold outside, this hot whisky with citrus & spices is the perfect way to warm up. You only need some hot water and furthermore just look in your (boat) cabinets and give it a go.

The origin of the grog goes back to the 17th century. On long sea voyages beer or wine was added to the drinking water. After the English victory over Jamaica in 1655, the use of beer and wine was ousted by rum and sugar. When it was discovered that scurvy was caused by a vitamin deficiency, lemon juice was added. The result; "Grog!". However, we prefer whiskey instead of rum.

This time I have used the things I had on my boat: Whisky, a lemon, an orange and sugar. But you better go wild on this one and use for example cinnamon, ginger, clove or honey.That will spice up your drinks!

Prefer no alcohol, because you're still sailing!
Take a glass of tea with two teaspoons of honey dissolved in it, then add lemon zest, lemon juice and orange zest to it. Let it pull and enjoy!

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