1st PLACE WINNER OF $1,000 - Pan de Pascua by Daniela Garreton

san sebastian-donostia, guipuzcoa, spain


Today, we'd like to congratulate Daniela Garreton, an artist from Santiago, Chile for being our 1st place winner! Daniela will receive $1,000 from They Draw and Cook for her wonderfully sweet Pan de Pascua illustration. The judges thought Daniela's recipe was beautiful - the warmth of her colors, her watercolored typography, her perfectly simple linework and the sweetness of her little family of birds were all just too irresistible. They also loved the fact that while this may be a popular and traditional holiday recipe in Chile, it's a new and fresh idea for many of us. Congratulations Daniela and thanks for sharing this little piece of holiday goodness with everyone!This wraps up our month-long feast of illustrated festive foodie fabulousness! We hope you enjoyed seeing this blast of over 250 holiday recipes.Thanks so much to our friends at The FN Dish for allowing us to showcase the work of so many talented artists on their site as well. And an extra-special thank you goes out to all the artists who contributed to this awesome series of holiday recipe illustrations - you are all amazing.Cheers and Happy New Year from Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell!