Polenta by Rikki Asher

Rego Park, New York, US


Try each of these three toppings over the polenta:
1) Tomato Sauce; 2) Parmesan cheese or 3) sautéed mushrooms

Not only did Columbus not discover America, he claimed to have discovered polenta even though Indigenous people introduced it to him. While studying art in Venice, the Program Director took our class on a bus trip to Turin. She stood in the front of the bus, a bit tipsy, and insisted that we are going to the city of Polenta! We knew that we were going to Turin, but Polenta? When we arrived in downtown Turin we found a building that was very narrow and yellowish in color. It was called the Palazzo Fetta di Polenta. Roughly translated it means “Palace of a Slice of Polenta”. We clearly did not visit the “city” of Polenta, but we found the Palazzo, and bought fresh slices of polenta from vendors across the street.