Va Via Farm Deck Picnic by Gina M. Brown

Williamsburg, Michigan, US


Picnic Challenge.

When Dad had a new deck built at the farm, we celebrated with a picnic! If you ignore all the chores associated with farm life, Dad had an idyllic life: fresh vegetables every day (that he started from seed - I can still smell the dirt baking from sterilizing), a cutting garden that he actually used (I "could" pick my flowers any time I want to!), and the best view (first the pond, then the sheep pen and beyond to the gardens and fruit trees). In fact, other than this inaugural day, we tried to never sit with our back to the yard. Dad was also the first person I know who mixed herbs with his annuals, so a supply of parsley, etc. was always available to add to your plate. You simply had to know that the ornamental peppers were just that! And, we started every meal with a toast to the farm: Via Via!