Buddy Bear's Guide To Perfect Picnic Planning by Gina M. Brown

Williamsburg, Michigan, US


Picnic Challenge.

Buddy Bear is a very special rescue dog who led a rich and varied life before joining our family. For example, I knew that he had once been a gardener the first time he helped me with transplanting. I dug a hole in the back yard, went to the front yard to retrieve a plant, and when I returned to the back yard, I found him sitting in the hole, holding up the sides so they wouldn't collapse. In our free time, he and I compose text for what I hope will be a forthcoming book titled "Buddy Bear's Career Guide For The Undecided".

Meanwhile, his Grammy reminded me about Buddy Bear's picnic in her house, which is illustrated here and which has become a much-loved part of his guide to outdoor life. But, geez, I thought Grammies were supposed to forgive AND forget!

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