Stephanie Valentine

Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta, ID


Hello, I am a Graphic Designer who enjoy illustration very much and looking forward to be a full-time illustrator soon. My interests of illustration are mostly related to children book illustration. Since pandemic, I was cooking a lot at home and discover my new interest. Since then, I tried to illustrate some of my home cooking and post it online.

I am using Adobe Photoshop for digital illustration and sometimes watercolor for traditional media.

Recipes By Stephanie Valentine

How do I make Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl) by Stephanie Valentine

Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta, ID


A very easy recipe yet very delicious Oyakodon, one of my favorite Japanese Food. Basically you can use any meat or garnish from your refrigerator and just put it in one pan, but soy sauce and mirin is the game changer! so make sure you have one in your kitchen :)

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