Almeria, Andalusia, ES


Hi everyone! My name is Gloria, i am the person behind: www.gloriasurfacepatterndesign.com. A webpage and online store, based in Andalusia, Spain. The sunniest place in Europe!.

Many things define me:
My love for languages, art and cinema come to mind first.
Living by the sea, poetry, classical music and in general all kinds of really good music, documentaries, watching tv shows, healthy cooking, good stand up comedy, taking care of my plants, hiking, doing pilates, decorating, learning new things everyday, ( i started learning japanese last year), good conversations, playing the piano and composing little tunes.
Since April 2015 playing and walking with my little dog ( Nuki), has become my daily thing.

Patterns are my passion, but since i studied fashion design in Paris 20 years ago, i forgot how much i needed to create, so in 2016 i started taking online classes about Photoshop and Illustrator and in 2019 I published my web.
My designs are available for licensing at my own online store and other platforms.

One dream come true, for sure.

Recipes By Gloriasurfacepatterndesign

One vegan meal a day by Gloriasurfacepatterndesign

Almeria, Andalusia, ES


These Spot graphic and pattern, are about the importance of having a vegan meal a day.
Even if you are not 100% vegetarian, you can improve your health and help the planet by eating only fruit and veggies in one of your meals.
Of course, you need to buy fresh products at the farmer’s market.
I just looked at my groceries and draw them.
Most of them, can be eaten raw, so no need for a recipe.
Both are available at my website: www.gloriasurfacepatterndesign.com ready to be licensed and printed in kitchenware.