Rachel Schmiedel



Having drawn since an early age, I am fascinated with the art of "seeing". When I walk, my eyes are always diverted up, down, and all around, which is probably why I am tend to get lost in cities...I am too busy looking at details in architecture, people's faces, flowers, and signs. This kind of "eye travel" is invigorating!

My love affair with food began sitting on the ottoman at my grandmother's feet, listening to her tell me her sage advice on how not to ruin a cake, and continues with me reading cookbooks as a hobby.

My college years were spent studying interior design, and after a masters, I married and began the joy of raising six children, whose art grace my life.

Now I am returning to my Pocket Dream of being an illustrator!

Recipes By Rachel Schmiedel

Lemon Grove Quinoa by Rachel Schmiedel



Quinoa is known as a protein power house super food! It cooks quickly, and pairs well with many meats, salmon, and veggies. Add a splash of balsamic for tang and richness. This recipe has become a favorite of our family and others, and it tastes great hot and cold, making it an ideal picnic food.