Nneka Edwards



Hi! My name's Nneka. It's a Nigerian name but I was born in Canada and grew up in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. I'm a poet, author and artist. My signature art modality is paper collage, but I also enjoy drawing and painting with pan watercolours. My style is minimalistic, playful and whimsy. It combines Caribbean colour with an Oriental aesthetic (I spent a few years in the Far East, you see). Apart from good food, I also love cute puppies, learning new languages and listening to world music!

Recipes By Nneka Edwards

Curried Crab by Nneka Edwards



Crab 'n dumpling is a traditional dish of Trinidad and Tobago. The ingredients include curry and coconut milk. The steamed wheat dumplings are flat, round and stiff. It's super yummy! (like much of the food from this beautiful twin-island republic). I am sharing an illustrated poem. Bon app├ętit!

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