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I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love drawing ever since I could remember. My love for art is almost like a crime, because my mother would always tell me that art is not important and you can’t make money with art. But my dad was the one that instill the love of design, art and illustration in me. He has a book of typography and branding in the 80s. I used to look through his book collections and just admire the lettering and creativity from the books. Until today, I love going to the museum.


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Recipes By Mirasunshine

Potato Donut by Mirasunshine

Seattle, WA, US


Fave Recipe Submission: I grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Back then, Donuts were such a luxury to have. Since flour is an expensive ingredient, and a lot of homes don’t really have oven to bake. We use different methods to make our dessert and pastries (steaming or frying are very common method). The memory that I have of this one particular potato donut was that it was so fluffy, soft, and yummy. My mom was a working mom, she rarely cook. The only times she would step into the kitchen was when her curiosity is stronger than her skills. She got a potato donut recipe from a famous bakery. A strong willed person that she is, she was determined to perfect this recipe. We first, boil the potatoes, mashed them, mix it with other ingredients, and form a dough, and fry them. Let it cool and decorate them. I remembered months passed and my mom kept finding things that were wrong with the technique, and we were her guinea pig. We ate potato donuts almost every week. It was like heaven for me, and my mom finally decided that she found her very best way to cook the donut, so fluffy and so soft. And she did this for another few tries, and then one day she decided that she did it. She has perfected her technique and conquered her curiosity and she stopped making them. Until today, I crave for that potato donuts as to personal level, it reminded me of my mom’s curiosity that was like a strong wave, she was so determined perfecting her potato donut recipe. And she did it. And then next was the making soy milk from raw soybean.