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Orange, CA, US


Things you've *always* wanted to know about me:

I know that while I love traveling, my middle name could have been 'Homebody'. My bed is just too comfy and my neighbors are...wait, what are they doing?? ...to travel forever.
I know that I can't draw a freehand straight line. Want a crooked house? You got it. Most call it 'my style'; I call it, 'well, no one's perfect.'

I know that I can't curl my tongue except around a spoon of salted caramel ice cream...but I'd rather just eat some bread & spinach dip (savory girl over here, what what!)

I know that I taught myself to knit at age 29. I dream I'm back in Ireland or Germany if only to wear some wintery scarves.
I know that coming from nine years in the textile design industry, I learned a thing 'r two about surface pattern design and illustration.

I know that I'm a multi-potentialite where I'm passionate about many things. It allows me to return to a project with a"Heh-lo, baby!" all refreshed. The friends in my art collective Pencil Parade also help keep me going.

I know that I'm a decent gardener with the most gorgeous Disneyland floribunda rose garden to prove it.

I know that my dad instilled a love of geography and maps -- my most favorite thing to design are maps!
...and I know that we named our cat Ripley because someday she'll save the world from aliens (or June Bugs)(or mostly just silver fish).

Recipes By Megan Nicole Designs

Grilled Brie and Green Apples by Megan Nicole Designs

Orange, CA, US


Make a grilled brie and green apple sandwich with a little added cranberry sweetness!