Lena Nozizwe

California, US


My best memories include purloining typing paper and files from my writer mother and creating the most beautiful paper dolls and paper clothes with watercolors. I went on to pursue a career in broadcast journalism that took me around the world. However I did make sure to make time to visit museums and collect art along the way. Art returned to my life in a big way this past year as a way of cheering myself and others. I've drawn everything from African masks to vivid florals with motivational messages. One of my biggest thrills has been to sell my art. I still love watercolors and I have been delighted to learn that watercolors are trending in the art world. I also create art with ink, my computer and on occasion I use acrylics. And one of my favorite subjects today is my mother who never was mad when I swiped her typing paper or files. In fact she did nothing but encourage me. Now I am looking forward to using some of the art skills that were acquired then to create graphics for an upcoming cuisine and culture web series starring my mother and produced by me called "Lena Nozizwe presents Alice Princess is Fresh!" My South African-born mother will serve up real food with an African accent


Recipes By Lena Nozizwe

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Alice Princess' African Egg Stew | Ndiwo Za Mandanda by Lena Nozizwe

California, US


A spicy and delicious authentic African recipe created by my mother and soon to be star of the upcoming culture and cooking web series "Lena Nozizwe presents Alice Princess is Fresh! Alice Princess Msumba Siwundhla was born in South Africa and raised in Malawi and she has delightful recipes that were handed down to her along the way. Thanks to the fabulous illustrator Ohn Mar Win for teaching me and guiding me through the process of submitting to They Draw and Cook.