Kruti Kothari Mody

Mumbai , Maharashtra , IN


I am a self-taught artist from Mumbai, India. I have been drawing since I was little and as academics took priority over art, the sketchbook and pencils were replaced by gigantic technology books. Until, one day, I started drawing in my notebook while the professor explained some algorithm (that was never understood later). The happiness it brought to me was never felt before. It took me some years and three jobs to finally realize that I could be a full-time illustrator instead of an Information Technology consultant.

About my work, I have always been attracted to monochromatic art, especially black and white with a dash of colour. From Graphite and charcoal, I am now obsessed with watercolor illustrations. As I get such joy in creating, I am going to keep learning and share my passion with the world.

Recipes By Kruti Kothari Mody

Chocolate Pancakes with Mango by Kruti Kothari Mody

Mumbai , Maharashtra , IN


Who doesn't like Pancakes? Especially when it has Chocolate and the King of Fruits, Mangoes!!! A quick hunger fix that can be eaten at any hour. Also, it is Eggless!