Kate Cooke

Southampton, Hampshire, GB


I have worked, for far too many years than I care to mention, as a fashion textile designer. I love to paint, mostly in gouache, but sometimes in acrylic and I especially love to paint flowers, birds, fruit, vegetables, fish....
I've also run my own company called Port and lemon, designing home ware, gift and stationary, which is where I've honed my experience as an illustrator.
I'm totally freelance now and keen to properly enter the world of illustration as I feel I have loads to offer!
I spend most of my days painting and fiddling with my images on the computer, interspersed with dog walking, cooking and eating! I'm loving using food as a subject matter and would really love to be commissioned to do some food illustration.


Recipes By Kate Cooke

Potted Smoked Trout by Kate Cooke

Southampton, Hampshire, GB


Fave memory.
This is my late Mum's recipe for potted smoked trout, the recipe description is taken straight out of an old file that she kept her recipes in. I wanted to keep it as it originally was because the file is very precious to me.
Dad caught the trout as he loved to go fly fishing and I have very happy memories of watching him cast his rod while I lazed on the banks of the river watching and dreaming.
I was never very keen on trout, but the one way I liked it was when Dad hot smoked it, in a smoker he made himself out of an old cake tin. This was my favorite way to eat it when Mum made the pate, its delicious spread on crusty bread or toast.