Jilly Jack Designs

Westfield , Indiana , US


I have been a creative since childhood, mostly drawing and painting. I went into graphic design in college and worked as a designer for several decades. I left my day job to create a stationery business that morphed into letterpress printing and has come back around to drawing. I license my art through A Fresh Bunch agency. I work digitally in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate. I love creating for stationery, giftware and would love to illustrate for books and fabric. My work is happy, and a tad bit nostalgic. I love collecting vintage Pyrex, cameras, thermoses and ceramics.

Recipes By Jilly Jack Designs

Toad in the Hole by Jilly Jack Designs

Westfield , Indiana , US


A tasty toast recipe my Grandma Mid used to make me when I was little.