House of Haricot

Amsterdam, NL


House of Haricot is Surface & Pattern design studio in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a designer I am inspired by many different subjects such as food, flowers, animals, nature in its many forms, but also inanimate objects can be great fun and an inspiration to create a good pattern. I love working within a brief. For my own projects I always work out a story on paper or in my head what the pattern or illustration is about. I love colour in my art and I aim for my work to have a happy, uplifting and/or surprising effect on the viewer.


Recipes By House of Haricot

Cloud Mine by House of Haricot

Amsterdam, NL


You can pull out all the stops with a Valentine's recipe for some Heartfelt Goodness and really surprise your loved one with this sweet ‘Cloud Mine’ dessert. Bring in the love with chocolate, cookies, raspberry and a puff of cotton candy for a spectacular effect. But really, love can be expressed in many ways in the kitchen. That could also be a grilled cheese sandwich or sweet and savoury pancakes (you could try a heart-shaped one!). Your sweetheart will feel loved if it’s heartfelt either way! Enjoy Valentine’s, show your love.