Devon Bragg

Columbia, MD, US


Devon Bragg is a digital freelance illustrator majoring in Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland. Her work brings awareness to inequalities she believes need more emphasis on being solved in day to day life such as: women's inequalities, body positivity, redefining femininity, POC racism and current political issues.

She has worked for companies such as: The Baltimore city Paper, The Baltimore Sun, Netflix: Kulipari and Hasbro while also freelancing since 2014.

When she isn't drawing beards, beasts or babes she is at home enjoying the company of her dog Hoot N. Holler, eating all the food out of her parents fridge and collecting oddly shaped sticks.

Recipes By Devon Bragg

Holy Moley Guacamole by Devon Bragg

Columbia, MD, US


This recipe originates from Mexico, but my mom loves trying new things that she isn't familiar with. The first time she made it was around 10 years ago and she put too many spicy peppers in it, and when she tasted it she shouted "Holy Moley!" (among some other choice words) Which is why I decided to call it "Holy Moley Guacamole." It can be spicy and delicious.