Dave Petzold

Lennox Head, NSW, AU


Dave Petzold works as a graphic designer, author and illustrator in Lennox Head, Australia.

His illustrations, often playful and goofy, embrace the little things that go unnoticed; the things we take for granted. His stories revolve around cheeky, adventurous characters who find themselves in situations they have not planned for - situations that are, at first, not what they seem. He invites the reader on a journey of discovery in the hope that they will discover something about themselves, too. He uses graphite pencil, ink, oil paint and digital collage.

His first picturebook, Seven Seas of Fleas, is to be published in May 2020 by Starfish Bay Publishing.

Recipes By Dave Petzold

The Morning Ritual by Dave Petzold

Lennox Head, NSW, AU


Every morning we pay homage to the coffee gods.