Candace Hardy

Toledo, Ohio, US


Candace Hardy is a colored pencil portrait artist currently living in the Toledo area of NW Ohio. Always fascinated by the connection of art to the written word, she has a history in illustration and has enjoyed seeing the visions of writers come to fruition. She has illustrated for authors Dotti Enderle, Lawrence Lee, and Karen Wiesner as well as several online childrens’ magazines including ”Stories for Children” and “My Light”.
As a colored pencilist from NW Ohio and member of CPSA, (the Colored Pencil Society of America), she discovered colored pencil in 2000 and has never looked back. She was fortunate to have attended worshops by colored pencil artists Ann Kuhlberg and Linda Lucas Hardy. She has shown work in several of Ann Kuhlbergs online art shows.
In addition to receiving a number of commissions, she has exhibited in a number of local venues in NW Ohio including the former DOWNTOWN LATTE, ANGELWOOD GALLERY in Grand Rapids, Ohio, the NOWOH shows at The Dorothy Uber Bryan, and Willard Wankelman Galleries on the campus of BGSU and most recently Art Insight Emporium in Monroe, MI.


  • candacehardy@gmail.com

Recipes By Candace Hardy

"Cheesecake with Recipe cards" by Candace Hardy

Toledo, Ohio, US


A collage of recipes from my mother's recipe box scattered on a vintage formica tabletop. A strawberry cheesecake sets atop the cards.