Buffy Randall

Lincoln, GB


Buffy is a writer and illustrator based in the UK. She enjoys cooking, baking, travelling and drawing!

Recipes By Buffy Randall

Birthday Party Cheese Fondue by Buffy Randall

Lincoln, GB


Favourite Food Memory: When my sister and I were little, we were allowed to choose a special dinner on our birthdays. Every single year we asked for the same thing: Mum's cheese fondue! Buttery, garlicky goodness (and a mountain of cheese!). It might seem a strange choice for a child but we absolutely loved it. The first person to loose their dipped item in the gloop was widely ridiculed, and the whole performance was wrapped up with a fight over the crispy bit burned onto the pan. My favourite fondue vessel has to be either crusty baguette or broccoli (honestly, it's soo good). This is my mum's original recipe, which took a while to find because my sister had stolen the book! So clearly this is still a much cherished (and hoarded) family recipe. Thanks Mum!