Annie Riker

Asheville, North Carolina, US


Annie Riker is an artist and designer using cheerful color palettes, joyful hand lettering, and playful surface patterns to spread positivity through prints, stickers, home goods and apparel.

With a BFA in graphic design and over 15 years working in the industry, Annie brings extensive knowledge of branding, layout, pattern, design trends, and print production into her current work. Her style weaves together this experience from print and packaging design, her deep-rooted passion for creating with her hands, and her joy of artistic experimentation. She is enormously satisfied when watching her thoughts, dreams and visions become beautiful, tangible things.

Recipes By Annie Riker

Dreamy Picnic by Annie Riker

Asheville, North Carolina, US


Dreaming among the flowers, surrounded by fruit, a good book and some music! I illustrated all of the treats I love to have at a picnic. And having an outside nap makes this whole thing even sweeter.

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Chocolate Strawberry Truffle Pie by Annie Riker

Asheville, North Carolina, US


If you tasted this creamy chocolate strawberry pie without seeing the ingredients, you'd never believe it was healthy and vegan!

This illustration was a class project for Ohn Mar Win's awesome Skillshare class. The recipe was adapted from one of Chocolate Covered Katie's delicious desserts.