Aly Miller

Brooklyn, NY, NY, US


I'm a Brooklyn-based illustrator, map maker and graphic designer with a passion for drawing anything food-adjacent! I started making maps in 2009 in the cartography lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as an undergraduate human geography student. I never thought my map making skills would become central to my career (but I secretly wished they could!). Now, several years of practice and Skillshare tutorials later, I am a full-time designer and frequently get to illustrate maps for food blogs, walking tour companies and small businesses.

It's great to be a part of the They Draw and Travel community, and I look forward to connecting with other map-makers and map-lovers here!

Recipes By Aly Miller

The Magic of Beans by Aly Miller

Brooklyn, NY, NY, US


In North America, beans have been an important pillar of food and agriculture for hundreds of generations. As part of "The Three Sisters," beans, squash and corn work together to create a circle of interdependence. Such a system is one based on giving and receiving, where each crop works to its fullest potential to provide for the others. The harvested result is a nutritiously complete meal with all necessary components for survival. I'm inspired by this hearty trio, and I hope you are too!