Alan Alanis

Columbus, Ohio, US


Alan Alanis is a sophomore in CCAD, majoring in Illustration with a minor in Creative Writing and Advertisement and Graphic Design. He was born and raised in Mexico City, the source of his inspiration. The pain, death, corruption, poverty and crime that this beautiful place exhales become the subject themes for his writing and his art; as well as the unavoidable pessimism and absurdism that comes with it. He likes to stay in his room, and his enhanced sense of guilt pushes him to make art hoping to make empty people, no, all people, accept that we create in the dessert, maybe not.


  • alanis.alan24@gmail.com

Recipes By Alan Alanis


Columbus, Ohio, US


Inspired by the only thing that brings all kinds of Mexicans (poor, rich, religious, atheist, educated, famous, old, young, fat, skinny, tall, short, brown, white whatever the fuck else): beer and parties! More specifically a MICHELADA. Because we like spice we decided to put it into a beer and it is one of the best and most delicious Mexicans drinks! Adding to this, the design is inspired by a Mexican game invented in the 15th century: Lotería! Each card is supposed to represent a semi-stereotypical representation of the different types of Mexicans: a super fun representation of my country!

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