Camille Medina

Leicester, GB


Since I was a little girl I have been crazy in love with stationery and art materials, and I've had a passion for drawing and making things.
I eventually became a ‘grown-up’ but I decided to carry on imagining and creating, and chose the lovely profession of illustrator as it combines the things I love.

I believe that smiling and laughing should be part of our everyday life so mixing digital and traditional techniques, my illustrations have a light-hearted and friendly tone.
I have a lot of fun doing what I do and if I can make people (children and grown-ups alike) smile when they look at my illustrations then I consider that my job is done!

I specialise in line drawing, children’s illustrations and character design.

Recipes By Camille Medina

Frozen Bananas by Camille Medina

Leicester, GB


This is one of my favourite treat recipes!

The great thing about it is that 1) it is ultra simple and super quick to make, and 2) it is guilt-free, (well... it depends what topping and how much of it you use) healthy (90% of it is fruit), and tasty.

I recommend using dark chocolate for a yummilicious result but feel free to experiment with toppings and base (fruit)!

Works well as a dessert, all year round, and very popular with kids!

Leon's & Lola's dark chocolate chip cookies by Camille Medina

Leicester, GB


Leon and Lola wanted to share their yummy dark chocolate chip cookies recipe and asked me if I could post it online for them so here it is!

They advise to experiment with the baking time since every oven is different but as a general rule, taking them out before they are golden brown will give you soft cookies whereas leaving them a bit longer will result in crunchy cookies (Lola's favourites!).

Most importantly, have fun making them!!!

Avocado 3 ways by Camille Medina

Leicester, GB