Sujanitha Sambasivan

Fremont, CA, US


I am Sujanitha and I am an illustrator, urban sketcher, and a surface pattern designer based in San Francisco, Bay Area, CA by way of New York and Mumbai with roots in Chennai, India. I have been a creative since my childhood, soaking my hands in paint, cutting paper for crafts, and dressing up for play and dance recitals. Couple decades of detour later, I have retraced my steps in pursuit of creative happiness. Voila! The Happy Wala Place was born.

The Happy Wala (Hindi for “kind of”) Place is state of mindset, state of happy mindset. My creative streak has served me well over years to keep me calm, be mindful, be present, and yes, be happy!

Recipes By Sujanitha Sambasivan

Coeur a la Creme (Cream of Heart) by Sujanitha Sambasivan

Fremont, CA, US


Feel the love and taste it too with this easy-to-make Coeur a la Creme (Cream of Heart or as my kid calls it "Heart Pie") to share with your Valentine and all your loved ones! (Original recipe credit: Ina Garten).