Moksha Rao

Atlanta, Georgia, US


I am a Graduate Thesis Candidate pursuing my Masters in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. I have a background in Advertising and Communication Arts.  

I find the marriage of storytelling and problem solving a fascinating one. I have always approached any project from a human-centered point of view, backed by strong research, meaningful concepts, and bold illustrations. My prototyping process involves telling a story, identifying pain points, and building user flows to solve specific problems.

When I’m not busy creating cool designs in print, digital, or interactive media, I’m usually immersed in a Tarantino film along with a cup of coffee or a mug of beer (depending on who I’m telling the story). 
I love marathon running, dancing, classic rock, and impersonating those I find amusing. I also have a strange fascination with dinosaurs and a great love for hiking.

I believe in creating design that facilitates, not frustrates.

Recipes By Moksha Rao

Chicken Dosa Recipe by Moksha Rao

Atlanta, Georgia, US


Growing up in Bombay, India exposed me to a variety of street food and home cooked Indian delicacies, courtesy of my parents who are both fantastic cooks and loved to experiment. Here is my rendition of a South Indian street food favorite called Chicken Dosa (Indian Crepes stuffed with chicken filling) I hope you enjoy preparing this classic dish as much as I enjoyed creating it for my SCAD Illustration class!

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