Steph Calvert

Savannah, Georgia, US


Kids Art • Editorial Illustration • Commercial / Advertising Artwork • Surface Pattern Design • Logo Design • Art Commissions • Represented by Liz Sanders Agency

I'm an award-winning illustrator, and I wanna draw for you. Actively looking for illustration projects and art licensing opportunities. I don't smell bad at all, and I'm kind of funny. Specialties include:

• Lettering / typography
• Super cute characters with lots of expression
• Humor. Lots and lots of humor.
• Digital painting in Photoshop with hits of traditional paint thrown in for texture
• Clean line work
• Editorial and childrens book work
• Surface pattern design / textile design / repeat patterns for fabric
• Apparel illustration for girls: baby / kids / tweens / juniors

I earned my BFA in Computer Art with a focus on traditional hand drawn animation from Savannah College of Art and Design. It gave me superpowers in expressive poses as well creating illustration work with a sense of emotion and movement. I've got a knack for injecting little bits of family friendly hilariousness into my work. I've close to 20 years of professional experience, including 10 years working as an in house artist for companies like OshKosh B'Gosh and Mighty Fine.

I'm a professional. I don't cringe at revisions. I'm one of the hardest workers you'll ever meet.

My clients are located all over the United States, and have included indie brands like coloring book publisher Colorful Cities and household names like Kohl’s department stores.

I wanna draw for you. Let's make something together.


Recipes By Steph Calvert

Valentines donuts food illustration steph calvert art tdac

Valentine's Donuts Make me Go Nuts by Steph Calvert

Savannah, Georgia, US


Dear donuts... I love you. An assortment of Valentine's Donuts to make you go nuts.

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120716 steph calvert art honey waffles 1

Honey Waffles by Steph Calvert

Savannah, Georgia, US


I tried making waffles this way shortly after our first honey harvest from my husband Josh's beehives in the summer of 2016. Our kids immediately demanded we never buy freezer waffles ever again, so it's safe to say these were a hit!

I usually half this recipe when I make it on a busy school morning - one waffle per kid, one for me, and one for our chickens is the perfect weekday breakfast.