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  • Thai mex tdac
    Catcti hat

    Thai-Mex glass noodle salad by Monika Suska

    Canet de Mar, Barcelona, ES


    This is magic one because it made my hubby actually looking forward to eat tones of veggies (instead of thinking about this as a punishment ;). Whole concept is loosely based on Jam type of Thai salads which was I ate most often when we stay there(6 month all together) and I missed dearly so I just start making those at home. One day I run out of eye bird chili but I had can of chipotle in my fridge which gave it a bit of Mexican twist. For sure this is not your authentic Thai meal but just the way I cook at home. Sometimes I use glass noodles, sometimes rice tagliatelle and sometimes quinoa (or just veggies). If I don't have palm sugar I use anything sweet from date syrup to plain white sugar (come one! it's just a little spoon). It will work with nearly any veggies and fruits - just think a mixture of crunchy, soft, creamy, tangy, salty, spicy a bit sweet goodness. One thing important is to heat up the dressing and then mix all the ingredients in a same, still hot pot, to make salad not really cooked or anything but also not fridge-cold. We eat it crazy spicy but it will be ok mild. Have fun!

  • Tomyumgoong

    Tom Yum-Yum Goong Soup by AW Illustrations

    Tokyo, JP


    Tom Yum Goong is always one of my favorite Thai cuisines! This spicy soup is so savory and addictive.
    You can use frozen shrimp and chicken stock instead, but I really recommend using fresh shrimp and make a nice broth as the recipe guides. Best Tom Yum Goong calls for a good shrimp stock and it is so much YUMMIER!!

  • Tom ka tofu
    Jb bw quad sm

    Tom Ka tofu soup by Julia Bausenhardt

    Goslar, Niedersachsen, DE


    The flavors of this soup are amazing, it’s a true Thai classic. It tastes as good as the original (Tom Ka Gai) if you make it with tofu or mushrooms only instead of chicken.

  • They draw and cook thai rice noodle salad receipe illustration

    Thai Rice Noodle Salad by Liv Wan

    Edinburgh, Midlothian, GB


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