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Let's Have a Picnic! - Curated by Jennifer Nelson

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Map Challenge!

Since most travel plans are a fantasy anyway, we are challenging you to stretch your imagination as far as possible—beyond the stratosphere! 100 favorites will be published in the next TDAT Book! Visit sister-site They Draw & Travel for all the details.

They Draw & Garden

Do you follow They Draw & Garden on Instagram? It's a beautiful collection of blossoms, blooms, birds, butterflies, bumblebees, and all things garden. We share illustrations by artists all around the world. It's the prettiest account!

Play Along!

Every week we showcase four illustrations on our homepage known as a “Featured Collection.” These illustrations are also included in our weekly newsletter to over 10K subscribers, many of whom are art directors. Check out our NEW list of upcoming themes. We hope you play along!

Illustrators For Hire

Announcing Illustrators For Hire: a global list of freelance illustrators presented by Salli & Nate, co-founders of this site and sibling site They Draw & Travel!

Check out Illustrators For Hire!
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