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Upcoming Themes!

Every week we showcase four illustrations on our homepage known as a Featured Collection. These illustrations are also included in our weekly newsletter to over 10K subscribers, many of whom are art directors.

Whether you are a seasoned contributor or submitting for the first time, here are some ideas and inspiration for your illustrations.

Your illustration does not need to be a recipe, but it must contain food and/or kitchen images and follow our standard size guideline. Create a scene, a pattern, a recipe, a guide, or an array of ingredients.

Below are five upcoming themes and the due dates for submitting.

We can't promise that your illustration will be selected for our Featured Collection but we can guarantee that you will have fun creating it and we will proudly showcase your work on our site!

Theme: Tasty Tofu!

Are you a fan of tofu? Share your favorite tofu recipes and dishes so that EVERYONE wants to eat tofu! Crispy, marinated, baked, sauteéd, scrambled; we want to know how you use tofu. Any good dessert recipes to share?! Say YES to tofu :-)
SUBMISSIONS due January 23, 2021

Theme: Heartfelt Goodness!

It's almost Valentine's Day and we want to share the LOVE! Create a food based illustration celebrating Valentine's Day or share your favorite recipes. Perhaps you have a special dessert or cocktail or a fancy meal to celebrate the day. Hugs + Love!
SUBMISSIONS due February 6, 2021

Theme: Bring on the Broccoli!

Broccoli is so good for you and better yet it's super fun to draw! How do you like to eat (and draw) broccoli? Roasted, cheesy, raw, steamed, stir-fried; bring on the broccoli and share your faves!
SUBMISSIONS due February 27, 2020