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Our Illustrators For Hire page is the one-stop shop for art buyers looking for illustrators for a range of projects!

IFH Placement Only: $60 
• Ad placement on our IFH page from June 1, 2018 to June, 2019
• Ad placement on our IFH Pinterest board
• Inclusion in one dedicated IFH Newsletter to 700+ art directors

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Your "Badge"
Upon acceptance and payment, please create a 600x600 pixel JPG "badge" to represent yourself on the Illustrators For Hire page. Email it to Salli along with the URL to which your "badge" should link. Check out the current Illustrators For Hire page to see what other illustrators have done.

Thank you for supporting and advertising your freelance business on TDAC. 100% of the money we receive helps pay the operating expenses of this site.

Testimonials by artists who advertise on IFH!

I have been contacted by several new clients from my ad on TDAC's Illustrators for Hire Page which turned into new opportunites for my illustration work. The site draws so much attention from art directors who might not otherwise see your work. Also Nate and Salli offer a lot of support showcasing your work across social media platforms helping to increase your work's exposure. I am grateful for all they do to support the illustration community.
Amy Schimler

Without a doubt advertising on TDAC has been a highly positive experience with regards to attracting numerous clients. Being seen in this day and age is so important and the TDAC IFH Page is a fantastic platform to showcase your foodie art. I feel my IFH feature has paid dividends, with projects from magazines, branding and packaging. I cannot say enough how grateful I am for Salli and Nate's continued support for inspiring community.
Ohn Mar Win

I'm so excited that my work was recently found by an art director for a major magazine via my Illustrators for Hire badge. As a result my illustration was licensed for a full page editorial placement alongside an article about food & travel. TDAC has been an amazing platform to showcase my work!!
Jen Lindup 

I just love the concept of Salli and Nate's site and am so happy to be part of this fantastic, supportive community they have created. Not only have I gotten some really great illustration work from advertising on TDAC, I've also gotten to know (online) a few other illustrators from TDAC too, which has been fun and helpful to chat about illustration!
Heidi Schweigert

I've made great connections through the Illustrators for Hire page and have been able to work on very interesting food illustration projects. All in all, I love being part of the creative and inspiring TDAC community!
Julia Bausenhardt

I've tried a number of paid advertising options over the past couple of years, including some fairly expensive options. I was really interested to discover that based on my site's Google Analytics, advertising on TDAC's Illustrators for Hire page brought more clicks to my website than Directory of Illustration and Workbook!
Steph Calvert