Meet Kale by Ly Yeow

Singapore, Singapore, Singapore


Inspired from a craving for Kale salad. I drew this in bed on a cold morning at 6am when my tummy was growling. Too early to get up and cook, so I grabbed the tablet from beside and drew it instead. First attempt at digital illustrations and trying out new styles!
"We understand that coming together to share great food and casual conversation can make us feel balanced, grounded and energized."

Today I was at an event about connecting the dots which reminds me of how things fall into place. I first met Denise at a cafe she works at. She spotted my gluttony desire for some cakes not for sale and kindly offered a piece. I took an instant liking to this girl with an unspoken air of simplicity, who turned out to be my loving support. We share the same like for food, coffee, art, reading, the moon and many heart to heart talks. And indeed the coming together to share great food and casual conversation has some magic, it connected two strangers to friends.

Again for this recipe, she adds the writing to my illustration. The perfect recipe to a refreshing day, meet Kale.

Illustration by Ly Yeow
Words by Denise Hung