Hot Toast! by joturnerillustration

Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA


I'm late to the party. I was listening to some summer 're-air' podcasts and stumbled on a warm-hearted interview with Priya and Ritu Krishna, co-authors of Indian-ish: Recipes and Antics from a Modern American Family (2019). In it they make palate-altering DAHI TOAST. After making this (though admittedly, I had to use dry curry leaves as these are harder to come across where I am) it's gonna be a go to. The spiced oil is the stuff of legend, called "chhaunk, a crunchy fried herb-and-spice mixture that also makes a fantastic topping for grilled steak or nachos", as described by Bon Apetite Magazine when Priya shared these hot toasties with them in 2019. The beautiful oil is imbued with the intensely aromatic curry leaf and pungency of whole black mustard seed. Then there's the tangy, soft layer of chili-spiked yogurt you reach after audibly crunching through crisp, rich sourdough. Priya says it's recommended to douse the sandwich in grassy cilantro chutney or straight up ketchup (the latter is her jam, and I tend to agree...though it's a tough call as both are delicious AND this sandwich can easily stand all on it's own, too). Thank you Priya and Ritu for sharing this and so many other accessible recipes with the world! I was so inspired after hearing the interview, reading more about the dish and making it that I had to draw it too! I went vibrant and punchy and bright just like the tastes in this lovingly created recipe. Like all of you, I am BIG into drawing what I and others are cooking....it's like living the happiness of preparing and eating a dish all over again. Xx.