Picnic Under That Cherry Tree by Lenna Arty

Japan, US


My best picnic memory is the Bento box made by my mother when we went to see cherry blossoms. The best picnic season in Japan is spring when we can enjoy cherry blossoms. We bring Bento box filled with lots of goodies, sit under cherry trees, look at cherry blossoms, eat and talk. The Bento made by my mother was filled with Norimaki (sushi rolls), Karaage (garlic ginger fried chicken), Tako-san wiener (octopus-shaped grilled sausage), Usagi-ringo (rabbit shaped apples), Chikuwa-kyuri (fish sausage with cucumber) and many more. I miss those days but I can always go on a picnic if I close my eyes. I hope my drawing makes you smile especially if you miss your family.