Simple Split Pea Soup by Rikki Asher

Rego Park, New York, US


My grandmother, Anna, emigrated to NY from Russia in the early 1900’s.
She lived in a four-story walk up, in the Bronx. She always wore a white apron when she cooked. Grandma liked to wear simple dresses and costume jewlery. Her little white stove always had a pot on every burner. She made traditional chicken soup; borscht (A Russian beet soup); mushroom barley, and split pea soup. She cooked the split pea soup with marrowbones for extra flavor. It was a thick delicious soup, great to have on a cold day. Grandma always accompanied the soup with a few slices of rye or pumpernickel bread ad butter. I am sorry that she is not here to sample my vegetarian version.