Wagashi made with red bean paste! by Saori Ohkuni

Kamogawa, Chiba, JP


Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets that are often served with tea.

They reflect the natural motifs of the four seasons, each of which is significant in Japan.

Wagashi are good for health.They are basically made from plant-based ingredients such as rice, red bean paste which is made with adzuki beans, and sugar etc.

Mochi and Daifuku are sweet rice cakes stuffed with red bean paste.
Dango is a sweet dumpling made of rice flour. Normally, three of them are served on sticks.
Dorayaki is made of pancake sandwich with sweet red bean filling.
Taiyaki is a fish-shaped cake, and it is also filled with red bean paste.
Cream anmitsu is made of small cubes of agar jelly, fruits, mochi, red bean paste, green tea ice cream, and drizzled with black honey.