Unique Fruit & Vegetables from Spain by Monica Galan

London, England, GB


Now that I live away from Spain, what I miss most is the fruit and vegetables, specially some varieties you can only find there.
We are very lucky to have amazing heirloom vegetables and fruit. They make great ingredients in the Mediterranean diet, they are tasty and unique, especially when collected at the peak of they ripeness.
There are many other veggies and fruits I left out, for instance, borage is very popular where I was brought up, Aragon.
When I read the description of the contest, and I thought about home flavors, it came to my mind the sweetness of juicy peaches, fresh salads with roasted piquillos, a cold melon left in a stream to get cold for dessert after a picnic… I did some research on Spanish fruits and vegetables, and surprisingly, I could find much information or any map on the subject!

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