Delicious Dim Sum by bevchow

Los Angeles, California, US


One of my favorite culinary experiences is dim sum: a Chinese tradition where bite sized dumplings, buns and other small dishes are constantly served in moving carts and eaten alongside a steady stream of hot tea.

The dishes are countless - ranging from soft steamed buns to dumplings, deep fried rolls and many more delightful dishes. It has a long history and has since evolved into a staple as the classic weekend brunch spot for Chinese families.

I remember going to dim sum with my family as a child and loving the classic dishes such as ha gao (shrimp dumlings) and xiu mai (pork dumplings) along with rice cakes and egg tarts. It was always a scrumptious time - a magical place where we were allowed to take bites of dessert in between every bite of "real food."