Toasted Buns by Cody Changet

Columbus, Ohio, US


Are you going to have any type of sandwich in which you are using buns? TOAST THEM! Every. Single. Time. Toast them buns. “Well, how should I toast them Cody?” Don’t just toss them in a pan dry. Don’t broil them. Please, don’t use the toaster. Guess what? Don’t use butter either. “GASP! What did he say? Toast buns without butter?! Is he insane?!” No, now pay attention. The pros toast their buns with mayo instead of butter. That’s right, Patrick, mayonnaise can be an instrument. The oil in the mayo is going to give you the perfect golden crispy toast. Don’t believe me? Try it out. You’ll never use butter to toast your buns ever again.. ALSO! If you have one, use a cast iron to toast them buns. It’ll act as a real nice griddle. Get it a nice medium hot before tossing them bad boys in there and they’ll crisp up just like you were making a grilled cheese. (Bonus tip: use mayo for grilled cheese too). “But Cody, I don’t have a cast iron pan.” Don’t talk to me about not having cast iron. Just don’t. That conversation will end with ultimately “GET YA-SELF A CAST IRON PAN ALREADY!” In the meantime, use any pan you have I guess. Just don’t walk away from the stove while you’re toasting because nobody, I MEAN NOBODY, likes burnt up buns. Keep an eagle eye on them babies.

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