FAVE MEMORY: grandmom schiehle coconut cake by Joanne Frances DeWald

Riverside, New Jersey, US


memories can be sights, sounds, smells or feelings. my greatest food memory of grandmom schiehle is the giant coconut cake that was the centerpiece of a picnic every year. layered yellow cake and vanilla icing smothered with coconut. their backyard swooped down into a huge hill with a massive tree at the bottom. those too loom large in the memory. all were legendary. we’d race down the hill on picnic day. one year i ran right into the branches of that tree. i can still remember sitting in their bathroom having my face cleaned up from the cuts. still remember the smell of the soap. i envisioned this abstract paper sculpture, the cake transitioning into the hill. elegant and quiet. i asked my extended family, but unfortunately no one had preserved the original recipe. it will forever live in our memories though. American Greetings, please click on my name and look at my other paper sculptures too. thanks ! joanne.