Candy for Christmas by hkOriginals

Maineville, OH, US


I remember Santa filling my stocking with a tangerine and lots of candy! I ate it at 3 or 4 in the morning when we were full of anticipation and could not wait for daylight. One year our grandparents brought our family a giant candy cane. I believe it was around 6 inches in diameter and about a foot long. Of course I was just a little girl and it may have seemed bigger than it actually was. It was big though, and we had to break pieces off with a hammer! It lasted a long, long time even with our family of 9! Now that I think of it, the candy cane may have been even bigger than 6 inches in diameter. I do not know where they purchased this enormous piece of candy, but I sure enjoyed it and think of it every Christmas!

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Tags: Fun & FunkyFeast