Penguins On Ice by Gina M. Brown

Williamsburg, Michigan, US


Fave Memory!

One of my aunts made a wintery fairyland scene out of penguins constructed from hard-boiled eggs and olives for a family gathering. She put the penguins on a mirror and sprinkled fake snow around the "ice". So pretty! But my actual memory extends later into the evening of the festive event. When the extended family would gather, the four adult sisters talked long into the night. As a youngster, I had to scrounge a place to sleep and would conveniently choose the room where the talking occurred. I then pretended to sleep while I eavesdropped on the adult conversation, which usually included a discussion on how they should combine forces and open a catering business. They would map out the entire business plan, including what contribution each person would offer and criticize the meager efforts of existing businesses. What a fun introduction to pipedreams!