Baguette by Cody Changet

Columbus, Ohio, US


NEW ILLUSTRATION SERIES ALERT! Get ready for some bread. Actually, all the bread. Why bread? Why now? I’ve been waiting to fully dive into this idea, partially because of procrastination, and partially because I wanted to wait until Adobe Fresco came out so I could get my hands on that sweeeet live digital watercolor. Now that the new program is out and my procrastination can’t last any longer, I am here committing myself to illustrating probably way too many carbs. The parameters around the term “bread” is kind of loose. (I went to wikipedia and picked out 20+ different variations, along with some others that may not be thought of as bread.) So, why bread? Why now? Well, I’m pretty sure everybody’s favorite part of a meal is bread. If it’s not, you might be some sort of monster. Anyways, food has become something that I am really passionate about and I also want to continue growing as an illustrator. So, I am going to mash the two together. FOOD ILLUSTRATION BABY! While I know that this isn’t a new concept, I am hoping that by combining two passions, it will allow me to play around and maybe find a style that is completely my own, or maybe even let me break into the food illustration biz. This series is a chance for me to explore color, shape, texture, and patterns. Is there a better place to start a meal with some bread? Nah, man. Bread is where you always start. So, here I am, starting my illustration journey with a ton of bread, like a good meal. Today I am presenting you with a classic: the baguette. Crusty, chewy outside and a soft fluffy inside. Made famous by the French and then Panera. Goes well with dang near everything, but mostly great at sopping up soup or that little bit of leftover sauce.

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