Braised pork by my father by Little drumsticks

alhambra, CA, US


I really like this new Challenge Theme. In fact, I'm doing the similar project this year. From JAN. to now I have finished 11 art works about "SPECIAL FOOD FOR ME". i combine the style of food receipt but not real receipt to express my food stories.
The " Braised pork " is very important for me, it's a very traditional Chinese home cooking. Every family has their own recipe, but the same thing is the taste means home . When we back home from far away, our parents always cook the braised pork for us, my father is also. My father is a chef, since he passed away, I never have a same one like his. It's a memory for me. This is my story of " Braised pork ".
I shared the Chinese zongzi for Dragon Boat Festival and Lotus pastry. All of these are my hometown taste.
" Fave Memory"