Grilled Garden Pizza [Version 1] by Amy Redmond / Amada Press

Seattle, WA, US


Food Geometry | In thinking about the geometry of food, I needed to look no further than my garden, ripe with all the makings for a grilled pizza: tomatoes, chives, basil & oregano. As a letterpress printer I like experimenting with forms, and pressure printing is a wonderful way to capture the details in plants. I arranged the leaves of the ingredients on my Vandercook 4 press, inked them up, layed cotton paper over top, and rolled the carriage down the press bed to impress the images into the page. The tomatoes were a beautifully explosive disaster, so I gave myself permission to print circles instead. I then went back & printed the tomato leaves overtop the red circles; the perfect final touch. As I printed the aromatic oils were released from the leaves, making my mouth water. The hand lettering was done with a fountain pen, rather than wood or metal type, to capture the spontaneity and ease of my new favorite late-summer meal.