The Thirsty Bulldog Cocktail by Melissa Fouch Machowski

Austin, Texas, US


My husband and I wrote this recipe as a gift and signature cocktail for our trip to Hawaii to celebrate my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Inspired by a misunderstanding on a patio somewhere in Oregon. My parents overheard a nearby table ask the waiter for a "Thirsty Bulldog". Intrigued, they asked the waiter if they could have one as well. It was not a cocktail, but rather the people had asked the waiter for water for their thirsty bulldog who was under the table enjoying the shade. My husband loves to create cocktails, and thus the amusing story became a beloved tropical cocktail. Side note: The house we rented in Hawaii was owned by a man who had a bulldog named Boozer. So if you make this drink in the blender as a frozen drink, you'll be drinking a "Thirsty Boozer".