A Most Unusual Fruit Salad by Rikki Asher

Rego Park, New York, US


A dog ran down a Bronx street. Unfortunately, the dog was run over by a car. As a 12 year old, I was profoundly moved by seeing this. I became an ethical vegetarian that day. Years later, I read “Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet for Folks who Eat: Cookin’ with Mother Nature.” It was the funniest and most inspiring book about politics, food, diet, vegetarianism, fruitarians and breatharians I had ever read! The salad section explains that avocados, peppers, olives, squash, cucumbers and tomatoes are fruits! In Mr. Gregory’s book he emphasized the importance of eating raw fruits and vegetables, especially salad. This most unusual fruit salad is dedicated to Mr. Gregory.
In a pinch: Allergic to peppers? Use zucchini or yellow squash instead.